"EHS is exactly the school we were looking for. A school with a powerful vision, that puts children's emotional wholeness and well being above academic achievement. Miss Janessa , Miss Mallory, and the EHS team are amazing teachers. They are consistent with what the say and their actions. They took the time to meet with my wife and I to discuss what was important to us, how we wanted certain things handled, and answer any questions we had. Our son loved the play based learning and abundant opportunities to make choices for himself. The only thing our son didn't like was when we would come to pick him up, he never wanted leave and always had great stories about what he had done/learned that day. The food they offer is health conscious and allergy friendly. If you're looking for a school that will bring out the best in your child and nourish the ground work you have put in place, this is where your child will thrive."

Orion Mente, Sunnyvale, CA


"I send three little boys to Edgewood House School, and it couldn't be better! The teachers (who really feel more like family than teachers) know each of my boys so well and seem to rejoice in their learning and their precious little moments as much as I do. You can't beat the warmth and cozy feel that embraces you every time you arrive: hugs, fresh baked smells, photos of your kids at work yesterday, shoes lined up in cubbies, kids shmeared with paint and mud and smiles of creativity...everything a preschool should be." 

Katrina Currier, Palo Alto, CA



"I can't believe 3y have gone by so fast... It was the BEST experience ever and I am so grateful for Ilai having this opportunity....The day I gave birth to Ilai, Yafit Bek came to visit me, on her way to the airport heading back to Israel and she said "I have the perfect preschool for you ... Remember to ask me about it in a year or so"...I did and she was right:)."

Orit Ziv, Palo Alto, CA



"I love Edgewood House School because there are the same teachers every day and they have enough teachers to be able to have children work in small groups (for example, only 3 to 5 kids). It's also great to have children of all ages playing and exploring together while the teachers allow and encourage the children to explore: 'get dirty!', 'get wet!', 'can you climb higher?', 'can you build up to the roof?'."

Ageeth Bleeker, Menlo Park, CA